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Found this awesome (new to me) game over at serendipity1991's journal! :) 
It goes like this:

Step One: Comment here with the phrase "pumpkin spice" and I'll rummage through your userpics and choose five.
Step Two: You'll take those five icons and make a new post with all the rules and information included. Tell me about those icons, why you like them, why you can't delete them, or why you uploaded them in the first place~
Step Three: Link back your answer! 
Step Four: People will read your post, and think "hey, this is neat." and comment to your post with "pumpkin spice". Then it will be their job to pass it on in a never-ending cycle that will spread across the internet or at least LJ like wildfire!

Check it out under the cut! :)

Chosen icons
all by me (I just realized I made them all for 20in20 challenges lol)

1. Lydiaaaa. <3 I think this was for tvcrush20in20 and this icon is inspired by this. When I saw that photo I immediately thought of that scene of Lydia (from Teen Wolf btw) soooo I iconed it! 
2. CHRISTIAN MY LOVE. ♥ he's my favorite actor and I made this icon for brunette_20in2 I was looking around a gallery and I saw this picture on honestly I think it is just TOO CUTE. 
3. Kbellllll. Made this for celebrity20in20 the theme for this icon was guess who and I believe I even won in that category. : D I love Kristen Bell in practically everything sooo I was excited to make icons of her !
4. This is the lovely Sophia Bush portraying Brooke Davis of One Tree Hill! I made this icon for the current round over at inspired20in20. I was rewatching episode 7x17 of One Tree Hill the other day and I noticed just how pretty Sophia was in this episode (she is gorgeous in every episode though lol) sooo I thought "let's make an icon of this scene" and bam. There you go. It kinda of turned out differently then the way I wanted, but it's actually better this way! :) Also I love her hair on this pic hahaha!
5. THE STANZEL. (my official nickname for the lovely Sebastian Stan). I think I'm one of the few people who do not know him from Once Upon A Time. I started watching it but halfway through season 1 I stopped (do want to catch up sometime though). Anyway, I know him from The Covenant & Gossip Girl and moooaaar, plus he is so pretty so I iconed his prettiness for the current round at celebrity20in20
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